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Train the Trainers: Virtual Classroom

Engagement from Planning & Design to Facilitation


4 in 5 trainers state that engagement in the virtual classroom is their number 1 challenge. In this programme, we focus on harnessing a design strategy focused on collaboration and engagement to transform a passive learning experience into a collaborative, impactful and transformative experience for both learners and their facilitator.  

Who is it for: 

  • Up to 8 Trainers and subject matter experts
  • Currently delivering in the virtual classroom AND who would like to improve their practice

The programme will launch in October and we are offering a discounted rate for all booking taking place before 20th December for deliveries between January and March 2023. 

What will you learn?

Planning a learning strategy based on mesurable goals and competences

Designing a learning journey to develop specific competences 

Shifting learning journey design from content to practice 

Creating simple and effective activities to engage and transform



Practising instruction and facilitation in a safe and fun environment 

   Sourcing technology to accelerate and increase learning impact



  • Three sessions of 2hrs to think, reflect and inspire 
  • Job aids, models and templates to save time and develop best practice 
  • Trainers to work on their own design and design activities in their own time  (2 to 4H personal work depending on their programme) 
    • Module 1: Identifying and breaking barriers to engagement

      • Identifying all the barriers to engagement in the context of the virtual classroom
      • Unpicking learning flows and processes to identify specific areas where engagement should be developed
      • Discovering SyncSkills three pillars of engagement and good practice in setting up a work framework 
        • Post session:

        • Mapping engagement to the learning objective
        • Creating Learners personas
        • Prepare an opening activity to practice with the group
    • Module 2: The power of collaboration and personalisation 

      • Defining and strategising "learning value" in the context of your organisation: Evaluating impact against skills and competences
      • Identifying one or two engagement strategies to apply to current programmes immediately
      • Practising and role-playing an activity in Breakout groups - Giving constructive feedback
      • Establishing a list of best practices when giving instruction
        • Post session:

        • Preparing a technical activity and practice it in small groups
        • Drafting a Virtual Classroom course plan based on SyncSkills exclusive template

      Module 3: Delivering online with confidence and professionalism

      • Creativity in virtual classroom: surprising your learners and getting them interested
      • Practising a technical activity in a small group with a focus on instruction and behaviour transforamtion
      • Listing best practice in design and delivery of group activities in the virtual classroom
      • Brainstorming about key elements of a professional virtual classroom experience from learners' point of view

Embedding learning  & Going further

60 mins of individual coaching per trainer are recommended to ensure everyone leaves the programme confident and equiped with ready-to-use material.

Extra modules are available on:  

  • Slide design
  • Currating content 
  • Social learning and community management 
  • Facing the webcam 
  • Setting up hybrid training